Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a Veteran Accredited Business? We are registered members of the National Veteran Owned Business Association

What plaque choices do I have? All of your choices can be viewed here.

When will my ad be completed? We ship out plaques the same day, and most ads are sent out for proofing in 2-3 days, our single largest hold up is not getting customer art work sent in a timely fashion.

How long will the advertising last? Your Advertising will last 3-6 months or a even a whole year depending on the terms of your agreement.

Will I see a proof of my ad before it is printed? YES! We will send you a proof within 3 days of receiving your artwork. We prefer to e-mail your proof, but we can send it via USPS.

Can you make me a mock-up ad? YES! As soon as your sales agreement is sent out our art department will create a preliminary Ad and send the 1st proof within a few days. You’re welcome to make any changes, however, many businesses like to use our mock-ups.

What is the best type of ad to use? Uniqueness grabs the attention of customers. Don’t make a novel out of your ad! If you’re unsure, let us handle the complete design – its free to you! Our graphic team has over 20 years experience in advertising.

Our DUNS Number is : 079670776

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