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Welcome to the Veteran Real Estate Specialist Cyber Library.  Below we have outlined the resource, and included the link to either view, download, or print the information.  

VA Home Loan Homepage:

VA Home Loan Information:

Acquire Department of Defense military service paperwork (DD-214):

Apply online for Certificate of Eligibility:

View, download, print and mail in application for Certificate of Eligibility:

Surviving spouses eligibility:

VA Approved Lenders:

Interest Rate Reduction Refinancing Loan (IRRRL) eligibility and information:

VA Loan Funding Fee Information/Waiver Information:

VA Approved Condominium Community List:

Biggest Reasons Why the VA Home Loan should be used:

Rent or Own – By simply entering the active duty service member’s rank and zip code, you can discover how much their tax free Basic Allowance for Housing is at: