Housing Grants for Disabled Veterans




Housing Grants for Disabled Veterans




If you are service connected disabled you may be eligible for a grant up to $81,080* to purchase, build, modify, or pay down an existing mortgage on a property previously modified.

*As of 2017  

Certain Servicemembers and Veterans with service-connected disabilities may be entitled to a housing grant from VA to help build a new specially adapted house, to adapt a home they already own, or buy a house and modify it to meet their disability-related requirements. Eligible Veterans or Servicemembers may now receive up to three grants, with the total dollar amount of the grants not to exceed the maximum allowable. Previous grant recipients who had received assistance of less than the current maximum allowable may be eligible for an additional grant.




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Modifications can include but are not limited to:

  • Ramps allowing entrance to, or exit from, the Veterans/Servicemembers primary residence;
  • Widening of doorways to allow access to essential lavatory and sanitary facilities;
  • Raising or lowering kitchen or bathroom sinks and/or counters;
  • Improving entrance paths or driveways in immediate area of the home to facilitate access to the home by the Veteran/Servicemember;
  • Improving plumbing or electrical systems made necessary due to installation of dialysis equipment or other medically sustaining equipment in the home.

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Download, view or print our easy to read Specially Adapted Housing Grants handbook:

Specially Adapted Housing Grants For Disabled Veterans

For Builders and Contractors, Download, view, or print our SAH Handbook for Design – Contractor Edition