Module 1- The First Step

1. What is a top reason why real estate professionals are successful?
2. Veteran discharge paperwork is also referred to as a:
3. What does the acronym COE stand for?
4. You can assist the VA Loan homebuyer apply for their COE in which manner? (Select all that apply)
5. As opposed to conventional loans, a lender will require what documentation for the VA Guaranty Loan?
6. In all, how much of the entire U.S. homebuyer market may be eligible to use the VA Home Loan?
7. How large is the potential VA Home Loan market?
8. What is an important provision to include in a VA Home Loan purchase agreement?
9. What is a major reason why only 10% of the huge pool of military and Veteran homebuyers have used the VA Home Loan?
10. The potential market for the VA Home Loan program is 1/6th the total homebuyer population. This results in what for the Veteran Real Estate Specialist? (Choose all that apply)

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