Read the Script!

SLOW DOWN…This is not a race! 

We do not offer Exclusivity.

Agent: “Hello __________, how are you?”

Customer: “Good…Fine…etc.”

Agent: “Great, you sound good! This is (Your Name) working with the American Legion in your area, which I’m sure you’re familiar with. Do you have any Heroes in your family such as a Veteran or a 1st Responder? 

If yes: “Great, I would like to thank you and let you know your/their service does not go unnoticed. The reason for my call is…”
If no: “Well I’m sure you can appreciate their sacrifices for our community and the reason for the call is…”

Agent Continues: …we’d like to custom create an ad for your business and make your company a resource. We would also like to list you as a Hero-Preferred business on our website at This way not only the members at the club but also all of the heroes in your area will be able to find you.

Plus we will send out a personalized framed certificate for your business that let’s everyone know you support your local Heroes.

3 Months is $499, or what most folks have been kind enough to do is 6 months for $599 — Which would work best for you?


SHUT UP! DON’T TALK! — LISTEN to the Customer’s objections — Use your rebuttals below and go back to closing!