Veteran Help and Outreach

Veteran Help and Outreach



According to folklore, during the Civil War the United States Government promised benefits to all those that served. After the war, thousands of Veterans descended upon Washington D.C. to collect on these promised benefits and were instead issued a rolled parchment decree, tied in red tape, breaking many of the promises. Hence, the phrase “Government Red Tape” became synonymous with government bureaucracy.

Granted, a lot has changed since the Civil War, but one thing appears to remain consistent – the continued difficulty we Veterans encounter navigating, and thus receiving the Honor and benefits we were promised, entitled, and deserve.

What is 844-4-Vet-Help?

As a Veteran owned and operated business, the Veterans News Network launched 844-4-Vet-Help as a FREE resource to help cut through the red tape. The 844-4-Vet-Help project provides Veterans and their families with personal assistance in locating and obtaining resources, and also implements direct referrals and outreach to our Veteran Preferred businesses.

How to obtain access to this program?

Veterans, family members, and friends can fill out our easy-to-use form explaining what you or your Veteran’s needs and Help requests are, or you can call us toll free at 844-4-Vet-Help – we highly recommend our online form for the fastest response. Businesses can also contact us at (800) 863-2541.

 Does this service actually work?

We Have Not Forgotten

“On the night of November 7, 2017 an honorably discharged Vietnam Era Veteran, Paul B., called the streets of Glendale, Arizona his home. Paul is over 60 years old and disabled. A concerned business owner, Ron Jacobs, notified our Veteran Help & Resource Division early the next morning. Within minutes, we made direct contact with Paul. We verified his situation, and within hours of notifying our Phoenix VA Community Resource & Referral Center liaison, Cynthia Montoya, Paul was given warm and friendly living accommodations.”

Extended Reach Program

On September 28, 2017 the fine folks of Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical, Inc., of Camp Verde, Arizona, reached out to the VNN Veteran Help & Resource Division expressing a desire to giveaway a FREE Home Heating & Cooling system to two (2) deserving Veterans. Through our Extended Reach Program, VNN facilitated Email Blasts to all our Nonprofit and for-profit contacts, posted numerous Facebook promotions and videos, as well as made television, radio, and print media outreach.

As a result, Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical, Inc. garnered extraordinary community exposure and goodwill for their generous gifts, and two deserving Veterans received Heating & Cooling system for each of their homes completely free!

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“ResCare HomeCare is proud to be a national advertiser with the Veteran News Network! The Veteran News Network provides us the opportunity to connect Veterans to our in-home care and support services via their on-line resource directory and within several Legion Halls and VA Posts around the country.  In addition, an added value is our relationship with our VNN Representative, Adam Moore.  Through professional email introductions Adam has helped connect us  with local contacts that advocate and refer to our services.  Thank you VNN for your continued support!

Sincerely, Cathy Shiroda”

“I have been working with VNN for several years and I believe them to be a trustable organization.”

Dan Tillman, American Legion Prescott Post 9

“…Life Care Center went to Ed’s room to see her because of your call…. Thanks for the referral…she does appreciate your assistance and said that the wheels are now turning in the right direction and is thankful for all you have done! Thanks for your help in getting assistance for my longtime friend.”

Thanks again, Kathy Cayton

“Thank you Adam! I am forwarding to my brother in law.  I have a client that needs me to list his house and is a disabled vet.  I told him about your program this morning and he is so excited to get the info too.  Thanks again from all of us!  Please keep doing what you do!!”

God Bless! Shawn-Marie

“I recently started a veteran owned business and wanted to advertise to veterans.  Adam Moore from Veteran News Network (VNN) contacted me about running a video advertisement with the American Legion.  Adam and I were very excited to talk with one another, and we both were very excited to get my business advertised to our veterans.  The team at VNN was very professional and extremely helpful with digitally creating an advertisement for my business and helping me get in touch with various veteran associations in my area.  Adam continues to check in with me via phone or email to ensure
professionalism within VNN, my company, and veteran associations.”

William Clark, MS, ATC, EMT, Owner

“My Program Manager was so impressed with the beautifully framed announcement that we support Veterans and your organization!

Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and consideration. How nice of you to send us such a specific token of appreciation, and to endorse us as we support your organization.”

Kindest Regards, Lorraine Collins

For additional details on any of our Veteran Help, Resource, & Extended Reach programs call (800) 863-2541.