Website Information

Custom Website Information Sheet


Wouldn’t it be great to have a functional and up to date website with your own business name and information?

Let us take your Hometown Hero Project listing and turn it into a website that works perfectly for
businesses just like yours! It’s easy and very affordable.

Don’t know how or have the time to keep your website to date? No
worries, we take care of it all – and it can be included in your listing package.

Take a moment and look at this sample site: For many businesses, this
great looking website offers everything a business needs. Your hours of operation, phone
number, photos, map of your location, email contact form, and even videos if available.


Here are some common questions other businesses have had:

1. Sounds great, but what is the cost?
• There is only a onetime setup fee of $200.

2. Who makes changes to my site?
• We take care of it all including free updates/changes for the duration of your listing subscription.

3. What do mean “the duration of my listing”?
• You’ll need to have an active listing in order for the web page to

4. What will my website name be?
• We will buy the best possible domain name available. You’re welcome to suggest
names, however most easily spelled names are taken. We will attempt to secure a
.com address, however a .net address may need to be bought.

5. Do I own my new website name?
• Yes, however there is a cost involved to move the website name to another vendor.

6. What functions can I have on my website?
• Everything we can do on your listing! Such as your business hours,
phone, map, email contact, video and Facebook link can be done

7. Can you do multiple pages, shopping carts etc.?
• See #6 above

8. Explain how the email contact button works.
• When someone clicks on the green contact button they’ll send you an email that
will go directly to the email address you have provided to us. It can be any email
address, for example [email protected] We cannot provide an email address that
is the same as your website – example [email protected] Customers do not
see your email address until you respond back to them. This feature ensures your
email box won’t get flooded with spam.

9. Is this site smart phone friendly?
• Yes, it works beautifully on all smart phones.

10. Don’t I need a larger website with pages and pages of content?
• Perhaps, but we believe most businesses only need a simple up to date website
for their customers. A large site can cost thousands of dollars and take months to
build. Do you have the time to work with a website designer? And who will
maintain it and at what cost? Who will promote the site to search engines?
Finally, when the site is actually live – how will it actually make you money?