To date, Hometown Hero Project donations to the Fraternal Order of Police have exceeded: $53,000.            

William D – Anchorage

        March 2018: Hometown Hero Project and the fine folks of Anchorage prove that it “Takes a Village”                 U.S. Air Force Veteran William Davis served his country honorably, but recently found himself struggling in his transition 

Edward T – Florida

        September 2017 – Hometown Hero Project takes well placed shot across the bow in support of our Veteran heroes!                 On September 23, 2017 Cathy Cayton asked for our help. Her longtime friend, Kathy 

Paul B – Arizona

    November 8, 2017 – Leading the charge for National Homelessness Week, Hometown Hero Project proves “We Have Not Forgotten”.               “On the night of November 7, 2017 an honorably discharged Vietnam Era Veteran, Paul B., called the 

VFW Post 4287 – Orlando

    In association with Vans For Veterans, the Hometown Hero Project donated a mobility van to VFW Post 4287 in Florida to ease the transportation needs of Orlando area Veterans and support their heroic sacrifices.          

Rainbow VFW Post 2681 – Marietta

  In Marietta, Georgia, the Hometown Hero Project and Vans For Veterans donated a much needed mobility van for the deserving Veterans at the Rainbow VFW Post 2681.        

Kermit Chambers VFW Post 7402 – Georgia

    The brave men and women of  Kermit Chambers VFW Post 7402 received a mobility van as a thank you from the Hometown Hero Project and the Vans For Veterans initiative for their selfless sacrifice and enduring honor.          

Walt Lynn – Arizona

    March 2018 – Celebrations breakout after news spreads that Hometown Hero Project facilitated a FREE heating and air conditioning system for U.S. Navy Veteran Walt Lynn.               Living up to the founder’s mission to never leave a brother 


  “ResCare HomeCare is proud to be a national advertiser with the Veteran News Network! The Veteran News Network provides us the opportunity to connect Veterans to our in-home care and support services via their on-line resource directory and within several Legion Halls and VA 

Find A Military Veteran

How to Find a Military Veteran Two Methods: Using Government Resources to Find a U.S. Veteran Using Non-Governmental Resources to Find a U.S. Veteran If you’ve been thinking of reconnecting with an old friend from the military, or perhaps of surprising a relative by finding