Heroes News Channel

The Heroes News Channel is focused on supporting our Heroes through educational and informational programming that not only provides valuable resources in a entertaining manner but increases awareness to many businesses that support local Heroes.


It is consistently updated and displayed on a dedicated monitor in Veterans Service Organizations and other local venues throughout the United States. 

Be seen at the venues that our Heroes frequent

  • We have over 450 participating venues nationwide
  • We have installed televisions that run the Heroes News Channel
  • TV’s are operational the entire time that venue is open
  • Trusted source of helpful information for our community’s Heroes
  • Have a look at all the various venues by clicking below

Valuable and helpful resources for our heroes

  • Heroes News Channel provides info to assist veterans, first responders, law enforcement, and teachers
  • Heart warming coming home videos, fun trivia, and other amazing stories from our Heroes
  • Have your business show the support these brave men and women deserve 
  • Click below to see some of the support our company has provided for the Heroes across the nation 

Offer your support to these individuals

  • Opportunity to gain exposure to these brave men and women on a platform that they know and trust 
  • Support our Heroes for the sacrifices they have made for our freedoms
  • Check out the variety of bundle packages we have to support the longevity and growth of your business!